Why Influencers Need to Build an Email List

Email marketing has an average return on investment (ROI) of 4,300 percent, according to Campaign Monitor. If you want to know how effective your email marketing campaign is, you can measure your own ROI. The formula for measuring ROI is:

Earnings – Costs / Costs x 100 (to get a percentage)

Earnings are the revenue you received from your email marketing campaign. Costs are the amounts you paid to conduct your campaign. These could include the monthly cost of your email service provider, advertising costs, staff pay and so on. As an example, if your email marketing campaign cost $250 and your campaign generated revenue of $3,500, your ROI would be $3,500 – $250 / $250 x 100 = 1300 percent.

By measuring your email marketing ROI, you’ll learn if you need to improve it. If you do need to boost your ROI, take advantage of these tips:

  • Grab attention with compelling subject lines.
  • Test and optimize subject lines, CTAs and more to see what generates the best results.
  • Make emails personal.
  • Find an email design template that works for computers and mobile devices.
  • Save time by using an email automation tool.

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