Voice-control of embedded vision AI for IoT and the edge

Renesas Syntiant voice vision AI

To do this, it has teamed up with Californian deep learning chip company Syntiant, and is combining Renesas’ RZ/V vision AI MCUs with Syntiant’s NDP120 ‘neural decision processor’ to get both voice and image processing.

The joint solution is always-on, with quick voice-triggered wake from stand-by to perform object recognition, facial recognition and other vision-based tasks.

renesas-syntiant AI

“Using a dedicated, power-efficient chip for voice recognition reduces stand-by power consumption while speeding up system development because it is possible to develop software independently of the vision AI functionality,” said Renesas.

RZ/V MPUs include Renesas’ DRP-AI (dynamically reconfigurable processor-AI), which is intended to cut power consumption and heat dissipation when inferencing.

NDP120 is built around Syntiant’s Core 2 neural network inference engine, developed to cut power consumption during hands-free voice functions such as speaker recognition, keyword detection, wake-on-words and local command recognition. It can operated from as little as 1mW.

Documents including a product brief, circuit diagrams and bills of materials are available

Synyiant’s NDP120 is here

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