US vs China in AI

Last year China beat the US in AI Citations for the first time, with China accounting for 20.7% of the total, versus 19.8% for the US according to Stanford University.

In March, the U.S. National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence warned that the US may lose its edge in AI.

In terms of quantity of AI papers published, China is well in the lead.  Since 2012, China has released 240,000 academic papers on AI, whereas the US has published 150,000, according researchers  Clarivate.

Volume, of course, does not reflect quality and what is not published is probably very much more significant than what is.

But the big question mark is: What do people mean by AI? Is it just automating functions? Is it finding patterns in unstructured data? Is it artificial thinking?

Until we know what it is, it will remain something of a bogeyman.

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