Top YouTube Marketing Trends of 2021

If you’re not sure you have the material to create a good story and YouTube Shorts aren’t your thing, you still have options. Keep things real by giving viewers an up-close and personal look at your daily routine. If you’re a lifestyle vlogger, you may already be doing this. If you’re not, it’s time to start.

Viewers want to learn from you — and relate to you. So giving them a glimpse into how you keep it all together is a great way to let them into your world. If you’re a busy mom blogger with five kids, show your viewers how you manage to get them all dressed and fed for school in the morning. Or show them what a summer day with all the kids at home looks like.

If you’re a food blogger, show them how you prepare dinner for your family at night and who does the dishes. You can add tips or show that life isn’t always as perfect as it appears on social media.

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