The Best Way To Organize All Of Your Work

Today, we are going to show you how you can organize your work and keep your information streamlined for quick and easy access so you never have to say “where’s that document?” ever again!

We all produce and share tons of data every day. Thanks to our businesses becoming more digitally inclined, we are constantly sharing our files and documents with our co-workers via email, Slack, internal wikis, cloud files, etc.

By having our documents and files at different locations, we create a digital mess that’s hard to make sense of. You can’t really get rid of these important documents containing critical information, but you can get rid of this digital mess by keeping your workplace documents organized.


Mess Is Everywhere!!

Documents are everywhere. Project proposals, brainstorming notes, HR guidelines, technical specs,  training documents, sales decks, workplace contracts, marketing materials, blog posts- we create tons of new documents on a daily basis for proper and smooth functioning and scaling of our businesses.

These documents are often scattered all over the place on our digital devices. You may have files stored in cloud apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, files stored on your desktop, email attachments, and so on. With our content present at multiple places, how do you plan on locating, accessing, and sharing it quickly?

We often don’t realize the amount of time we waste on non-value adding activities like searching for a document on our laptops or in the cloud.

It is not until you have a customer on hold while you frantically search for an answer to their question or when your manager asks for an expense report from the last quarter and you just can’t the file in your email. It’s times like these that you realize the kind of digital swamp you’re living in!

Browsing through hundreds of folders, searching in your disorganized and massively populated inbox, searching through your cloud files, etc., all end up being a search mission that’s impossible to crack.

A global survey of workers and IT professionals by IDC revealed that document challenges account for 21.3 percent of productivity loss. Employees often can’t find the right documents at the right time or can’t access the document due to time or location barriers. All of these add ups to a big loss of time and productivity.

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Why is organizing your work so difficult?

Creating and sharing work in a digital form is supposed to be more efficient and less time consuming than traditional methods. Even though we are way past the dreaded “file cabinets” phase, digitally storing documents has emerged with its own fair share of problems and limitations.

It’s been said that the Internet is forever…which is approximately how long it would take me to get this all archived in a way that both makes sense and secures these files for the future.

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