Socket for Array Area and Peripheral Package Test

Socket for Array Area and Peripheral Package Test

Galileo is a test socket engineered to support today’s high performance Digital and RF applications. It leverages proven interposer elastomer technology and advanced 3D printing manufacturing to provide a high- performance solution for BGA, LGA, QFP, SOIC, or QFN packaged devices with extremely short lead times.

Using a unique “universal” elastomer contact assembly, Galileo supports almost any standard package pinout, on any pitch (or multiple pitches) at >0.35mm, in any configuration, with no extra tooling charges.

A single socket can be re-used across multiple pitches and pad/ball placement. In addition, no contact alignment or registration holes are required in the PCB, enabling quick and easy board integration.
Galileo elastomeric test socket offers the following features:

• Short electrical paths to deliver signal integrity
• Low inductance, high bandwidth >40GHz
• High Current Carrying Capacity
• High thermal conductivity
• Field-replaceable contact set with minimal tooling and technical expertise required
• 3D printing technology for quick-turn socket body manufacture
• Pre-stocked elastomer sheets enabling very short lead-times
• Solder-down performance for applications where signal integrity loss is not an option

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