SkyWater to fab Weebit Nano ReRAM

IWeebit Nano’s ReRAM is to be mass-produced by SkyWater, the Minnesota Foundry.

SkyWater intends to offer it to customers as embedded, non-volatile memory (NVM) IP on the company’s 130nm CMOS process.

SkyWater’s 130nm process is a sweet spot for a broad range of applications such as analogue, power management, automotive, IoT and rad-hard designs.

In these application domains, Weebit’s ReRAM provides significant advantages such as cost effectiveness, enhanced endurance and retention even at high temperature ranges, good tolerance to radiation and electromagnetic fields, and zero interference with front-end-of-line (FEOL) analogue components.

Commercialisation of ReRAM technology will provide enhancements to a range of new electronics in industries such as automotive which require high-temperature performance.

The technology focuses on enabling IoT devices and edge computing architectures and will benefit neuromorphic computing opportunities for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.

Weebit’s ReRAM technology can be scaled to a number of other technologies like SkyWater’s 90 nm and carbon nanotube platforms.

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