onsemi / Fairchild FAN53526 Programmable TinyBuck® Regulators

onsemi / Fairchild FAN53526 Digitally Programmable TinyBuck® Regulators are switching voltage regulators that provide a digitally programmable output from an input voltage supply of 2.5V to 5.5V. The FAN53526 has an output voltage programmed through an I2C interface capable of operating up to 3.4MHz. The FAN53526 utilizes a proprietary architecture with synchronous rectification delivering 3.0A continuous at over 80% efficiency, maintaining that efficiency at load currents as low as 10mA.

The onsemi / Fairchild FAN53526 Digitally Programmable TinyBuck Regulators have a nominal fixed frequency of 2.4MHz, allowing a reduction of the value of the external components. To improve regulation, additional output capacitance is added without affecting stability. Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) operates in Power-Save Mode at moderate and light loads with a typical quiescent current of 50A at room temperature. At higher loads, the system automatically switches to fixed−frequency control, operating at 2.4MHz. In Shutdown Mode, the supply current drops below 1A, reducing power consumption. PFM Mode can be disabled if a fixed frequency is desired.

The FAN53526 is housed in a 15-bump, 1.310mm x 2.015mm, 0.4mm ball pitch WLCSP.


  • 2.4MHz Fixed frequency operation
  • Reduces the number of external components
  • Best-in-class load transient
  • Additional output capacitance can be added to improve regulation during load transients without impacting stability
  • I2C-Compatible interface up to 3.4Mbps
  • Flexible interface
  • 3.0A Continuous output current
  • 2.5V to 5.5V Input voltage range
  • 0.6V to 1.39375V in 6.25mV steps digitally programmable output voltage
  • Programmable slew rate for voltage transitions
  • PFM mode for high efficiency in light-load
  • 50uA (Typical) quiescent current in PFM mode
  • Input Under−Voltage Lockout (UVLO)
  • Thermal shutdown and overload protection
  • 15-Bump Wafer-Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP)

Typical Application

more information: https://www.onsemi.com/products/power-management/dc-dc-power-conversion/converters/fan53526

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