Mochi Mooching In The Car Park

EV charging points are a constant issue – Will there be enough?  Will they be where you want them?Will one be there when you want it? Will they take too long? How do people in flats get one? Will they be an unconscionable drain on the grid?

How about portable chargers? How about if, when you park, you summon up a charger using an app on your phone and it trundles along and charges you up?

How about if car parks had fleets of these trundling robot  chargers waiting to charge parkers? How about having hordes of  them lurking in subterranean haunts awaiting summonses to the streets to get a’charging?

Well it could be closer than you think:

Here’s a trundling robot charger called Mochi refuelling a parked car.

It’s called Mochi because it delivers a mobile charge.

It’s made by Envision Group, the Chinese wind turbine specialist, which plans to test it out in Shanghai this year and has already shipped one to Singapore.

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