Marketing Your Business on Twitter: How to Get Started

7. Optimize Your Publishing Schedule

Twitter for business is unique as you’re encouraged to publish much more often than other networks.

For example, publishing multiple times per day is fair game. This is especially true if you’re frequently retweeting followers or publishing user-generated content in addition to your own posts. If you’re strapped for time or resources, though, posting daily is totally fine. 

Publishing multiple times per day is also acceptable, considering that not everything you publish is guaranteed to be seen by your followers. According to data by Hootsuite, the best time to post on Twitter is 8 am between Monday and Thursday. 

There are many third-party tools out there that will help you to schedule your tweets, post when people are most engaged, and curate fresh content for your feed (think: Hootsuite or Sprout Social). Beyond these tools, Twitter’s native Tweetdeck platform allows for simple scheduling so you can easily plan out your content calendar in advance.

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