iPad Air 5 release date, display, features and more

The iPad Air is nearing its one-year anniversary and sales are growing more frequent. Those who’ve followed the industry know this typically points to the incoming release of a new version. After all, Apple already updated its two iPad Pro models with an M1 chip earlier this spring, and the mid-tier Air is a hot seller during the holiday shopping season. 

While we anticipate the release of an iPad Air 5 before the end of the year, there is a chance it doesn’t arrive. The iPad Air 4 was a significant upgrade over the previous model, and Apple may feel content letting it ride on the market for another six to eight months. Also, we’d expect to hear more from the rumor grapevine by now if a new iPad Air was on the way. So either Apple is doing a better-than-normal job at keeping rumors under wraps or the iPad Air isn’t arriving as soon as we hoped.

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