Instagram Reels Insights: A New Way to Understand Your Performance

Figure Out How Often You Should Publish Reels

Piggybacking on the point above, you need to be able to find a balance in terms of how frequently you publish Reels and where they fit into your content strategy.

After all, you can’t only publish Reels. Switching up your content formats is key to keeping your feed fresh and making sure your followers don’t get bored by your posts.

You also need to consider how pushing out less resource-intensive pieces of content such as Stories, user-generated content, or memes encourages you to fill up your content calendar without burning yourself out.

Below is an awesome example of a diversified Instagram feed via Sunbum. The mix of Reels, shoppable posts, and influencer snaps represents a fresh, attractive brand feed.

Remember that Reels are (relatively) new to Instagram and the algorithm tends to prioritize newer formats and features. With the help of Reels Insights, you can make a better judgement in terms of where they stack up against the rest of your content.

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