Influencer Tips for Creating Sponsored Content That Feels Organic

When you take a closer look at examples of traditional and authentic marketing practices, you see striking differences between the content they produce. Ultimately, the goal of both types of content is to increase sales and profits. How they do this is where they differ.

Traditional content seeks to force a behavior or push the customer into the sales funnel. The emphasis is on what the brand wants. For example, a blog post may describe the benefits of a specific product, with an emphasis on the product itself. Its purpose is to give enough information to make the reader click through to purchase it.

Authentic content focuses on meeting the customer’s needs by answering questions or solving problems. Instead of forcing a behavior, it seeks to connect with the person reading the blog post and meet their needs. The blog post may tell a story about someone’s experience with the product or show how the product meets a specific need.

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