Facebook Stories: Everything You Need to Know

Now you’re probably wondering how you can check your Facebook Stories analytics. The easiest way is to see who viewed your story. When you watch your own story, the number of people who viewed your story appears in the bottom left corner. Click on the arrow above the number. The viewer list will expand so that you can see a list of which of your friends or followers actually watched.

If you’re the admin for a business page, you can also check your analytics by looking at the Stories Insights tool. Just make sure you have them turned on for your page. Here, you can look at metrics like unique opens or how many unique people viewed your stories within a certain period of time. You can also measure engagement or interactions and see how many stories you’ve published within the last 28 days. Your Stories Insights tool also allows you to see your viewers’ basic demographics, like age, gender and geographic location.

You can even view how many times someone tapped forward or backward on your stories, how many people visited your page based on your stories, how many people shared your Facebook Stories and much more.

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