Dual +5 V/-5V @ 200 mA Regulated Linear Power Supply

The project presented here is a dual AC to DC output linear power supply. This power supply provides low ripple low noise DC regulated output. Usually, transformer-based linear power supplies are considered very bulky and inefficient, but this power supply still is very important for sensitive applications such as analog circuits, communications devices, radio devices, audio circuits, OPAMP-based projects etc.

CN1 is AC input, Jumper J2 for 230V AC input, Jumper J1/J3 for 115V AC, Transformer T1-Step down transformer provides 6.3V-0V-6.3V AC Outputs, Bridge Rectifier BR1 converts AC into DC, Capacitor C2/C4 DC filter capacitors, CN2 unregulated DC output approx. +/-9V DC, U1 +5V regulator, U2 -5V regulator, D1 +5 power LED, D2 -5V power LED, R1/R2 current limiting resistors for LEDs, C1/C3/C5/C6 output DC capacitors, CN3 Male header +/-5V regulated output, CN4 screw terminal +/-5V regulated output.

Dual +5 V/-5V @ 200 mA Regulated Linear Power Supply – [Link]

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