Digi-Key runs Back2School compo, its 4Students2Win

Digi-Key runs Back2School compo, its 4Students2Win

The idea is to help spark ideas for future engineers and the sweepstakes draw is open to any student with a university or college email address.

Students are invited to design and submit sketch concepts that could help improve student life. The proviso is that they must use electronic components and other products found on the Digi-Key Electronics website.

They can provide a video or photo of the design to qualify for the grand prize category.

Back2School prizes

Talking of which, what are the prizes available?

One grand prize winner will receive an InstaLab kit, to help build prototypes of their concept. The InstaLab is described as a turn-key kit for setting up a private lab, with all the key pieces of hardware included. It comprises an oscilloscope, function generator, bench power supply, digital multimeter, 120 V soldering station, lead-free Solder, wire strippers and more.

The runner-up prize is a Lulzbot 3D printer and next tier winners will receive a Back to School kit that includes a Fume Extractor, an Adafruit Parts Pal, Seeed Grove Arduino Kit, a Sparkfun Deluxe tool kit, a Benchtop Power Supply, and an Analog Discovery 2.

Additionally, all participants can enter their name and contact information to be eligible to win a PyGamer, an entry-level handheld for DIY gaming. The content of the prize kits may vary depending on the applicant’s region, but the prize will be of equivalent value.

Real-world problems

“We’re thrilled to announce the return of our Back2School Prize Draw, which inspires students to build products that solve real-world problems through hardware engineering and automation,” said YC Wang, global academic program director at Digi-Key.

“Giving them the components they need offers an excellent way to advance their skills and promote their long-term interest in engineering.”

The competition is staying open until 11 November 2021, and the winners will be announced shortly after that deadline.

To find out more information or enter the Back2School Prize Draw, visit Digi-Key’s website.

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