Devil May Cry 20 years later: How it inspired me

Devil May Cry was the first game that made me cry. A 7-year old Rami Tabari visited his cousin’s house and started playing a game about a stylish demon hunter in a red coat. They were stuck on Devil May Cry’s first boss, the Phantom, which was a giant spider asshole with a scorpion tail. I decided to give it a shot myself, and I lost. I tried again — lost. I lost, lost and lost again to the point where I cried out of frustration. I left my cousin’s house visibly upset.

Emblematic of how I live my life through spite, I demanded that my parents take me to Toys “R” Us the next day so they could purchase a copy of Devil May Cry for me. A fictional video game enemy wasn’t about to make me cry and get away with it. I wanted vengeance.

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