BrandGraph® Shows Clubhouse Popularity Wanes in a Post-Lockdown World

Clubhouse works to attract more users.

Hoping its popularity wasn’t solely based on people stuck in their homes during the lockdown, Clubhouse is working to lure more users. They’ll likely start encouraging Clubhousers to host talks that people engage with. For example, BrandGraph shows the top five topics that users are interested in: 

Climate Change seems to be the hottest topic for the app, with 254,900 people listening to talks on the subject and a 46.18% overall engagement rate. Basketball, College, LGBTQ+, and Hip Hop round out the top five categories.

Clubhouse might also try to attract older users to its platform. BrandGraph shows a breakdown of the content creators, which are male or female and are between the ages of 18-34.

Clubhouse might attract an older crowd with its recent announcement of offering TED Talks. These highly sought-after talks usually draw an affluent, mature crowd. The in-person events can cost upwards of $10,000 a ticket, but Clubhouse says its TED Talks will provide high-quality content that anyone can hear. 

The first TED Talk happened in mid-July 2021, called Thank Your Ass Off, with TED Talks author A.J. Jacobs. The idea behind the talk was to encourage listeners to thank all of the unsung heroes in their life, from the intern who brings coffee to the nighttime cleaning crew who keeps the office clean.  

Clubhouse marketers have some work to do to regain popularity, but with insights from BrandGraph, it’s easy to see how the brand is faring on social media. Any brand can use the data-rich platform to monitor its social presence and track competitors.

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