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IZEA Wins New Fortune 500 Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturer as Customer

Orlando, Florida (August 23, 2021) – IZEA Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: IZEA), the premier provider of influencer marketing technology, data, and services for the world’s leading brands, announced today that it has been awarded a direct influencer marketing contract with a Fortune 500 alcohol manufacturer. IZEA will be promoting a portfolio of bourbon brands through multiple social media platforms, leveraging influencers to produce high quality creative assets that can be reused by the brands through their owned social channels.

“COVID-19 has dramatically altered consumer purchase behavior as it relates to alcohol,” said Ted Murphy, Founder and CEO of IZEA. “While many bars, restaurants, and venues are operating at reduced capacity or have closed altogether, consumers are still eager to connect and socialize with each other. Throughout the pandemic, people have turned to online platforms to replace real-world experiences, and that creates a unique opportunity for alcohol brands to find a shelf at home that otherwise may not have been filled.”

“Consumers are trying new beers, wines, and spirits – and they are doing so in the comfort of their home,” continued Murphy “The rapid rise of online ordering and alcohol delivery services has shifted the balance of brand discovery from the bartender at a local restaurant to the online influencer sipping a cocktail in front of a global audience. Consumers can learn about a new brand through a sponsored TikTok or Instagram video and have it delivered to their doorstep in time for happy hour that evening. It is a fundamental shift in behavior that will have an ongoing impact on the way alcohol brands are marketed and purchased. We are thrilled to expand our presence in the beverages industry with another leading manufacturer, and look forward to seeing the creative ways our influencers promote this portfolio of brands.” 

IZEA has extensive influencer marketing experience in regulated industries including alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, financial services, and governmental agencies. The company utilizes its proprietary software platform IZEAx to manage content workflow and compliance, adhering to the strict requirements set forth by regulatory bodies and individual customers.

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