Best screenwriting software in 2021

It’s a challenging time for aspiring artists, but for anyone interested in trying their hand (so to speak) at the written word, the best screenwriting software is only a few clicks away. For my part, all this extended isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed me to recalibrate my home office, optimize my creative writing studio, and restructure my entire daily/weekly routine. That restructuring, however, involved reassessing my freelance writing hustle, which inevitably led to the revaluation of my writing tech — and the accompanying software. Long-story-long: every writer’s journey is different, and each journey requires the proper tools.

After poring through myriad screenwriting platforms, I ultimately purchased Final Draft 11 for my own screenwriting aspirations; the product has become practically synonymous with the entertainment world, from a writer’s perspective. Final Draft is almost universally recognized by the TV and film industry — the software is on its 11th iteration, after all — and for good reason. Robust scene templates make formatting a cinch, and the live collaboration features make group projects far easier to work on together (especially now).

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