AMD and Intel suffer from data leak in active Gigabyte ransomware attack

Ransomware hackers have reportedly leaked 7GB of confidential AMD and Intel data on a forum after a recent cyberattack stealing 112GB of sensitive information from computer hardware giant Gigabyte.

Malicious ransomware group RansomEXX posted a two-part leak that is claimed to contain internal company information from Gigabyte, along with private data about tech giants AMD and Intel. The ransomware group indicated that there would be more information leaked, stating “to be continued” in the leak. 

Spotted by cybersecurity news website CyberNews, Gigabyte had been hit by the malicious ransomware attack on August 12, with the group threatening to leak the 112GB of data it stole. According to the report, the recent leak included source code for Intel Manageability Commander and confidential documents related to AMD. 

(Image credit: Cybernews)

The leaked data did not appear to include personal information, which generally includes a user’s identity, personal documents, login credentials, and financial information.

The 7GB of leaked data appears to be another threat, as there’s still the huge chunk of data the ransomware hackers claim to have stolen. According to The Record, Gigabyte has taken down and isolated the affected servers and is investigating the incident to find out how hackers breached the company’s system. the RansomEXX group has taken credit for the hack, and local law enforcement has been notified.  

Ransomware attacks surge

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