3 Things You Didn’t Know About the Aviator Slot Game

The Aviator slot game is an innovative new game from Spribe. Rather than following the tried and tested format of most online slots, this title takes inspiration from the video game industry. As a result, Spribe reports that it is one of the best performing titles on every casino site on which it’s launched. 

However, there is more to Aviator than meets the eye. The slot may sound simple in many ways, yet the reality is that it’s entirely different from pretty much every casino game you will have come across before. If you want to find out why, there’s only one thing to do – carry on reading. 

It’s a Mix of Slots & Video Games 

When you play slots online, you’re used to a format of reels and rows that spin and uncover symbols such as scatters and wilds. That isn’t the case with Aviator, because it takes elements from slots and video games and creates an original format that will catch your eye.

Like a traditional computer game, Aviator involves an airplane that you must fly to earn rewards and prizes. Although it sounds easy, there’s a level of skill involved because you need to ensure that you don’t take off too early or too soon as the coefficient applied to your bet will decrease. How many times have you played a slot game that involves piloting a plane to the correct altitude?! 

The Algorithm Is Very Fair 

Slots are famous for using a random number generator, also known as an RNG. This is often viewed as the fairest way to determine the outcome of casino offerings because it’s random. The clue is in the title! The Aviator slot game doesn’t agree, as it leverages an entirely different algorithm to ensure fairness. When you play Aviator online, you can rest safe in the knowledge that artificial intelligence is driving the coefficient. Players can determine the coefficient, too, since the results aren’t generated on the casinos’ servers. Don’t worry if this sounds a little confusing because you can learn more about the AI used by clicking on the Game History button on the screen. By doing this, you can view data on everything from the server and player seeds to the combined hash and round result. If you struggle to do the sums in your head, a calculator will confirm what you want to know. 

Aviator Is Social 

Games can be social, but slots are usually enjoyed alone. This isn’t because you prefer playing on your own, but because there isn’t the option to connect with others. Again, Aviator differs in this respect as it understands the importance of bringing people together. The live chat function, for instance, lets you talk to other players and pick their brains. The in-game chat function has another benefit – publishing the stats. Info on things such as the biggest wins of the day is reported on the right-hand side of the screen. The level of novelty involved in the experience is high since these features aren’t typically applicable to online slots. So, don’t be surprised if the excitement levels are greater, too! 

The Aviator slot is new and exciting as it implements components that are compatible with online slots. This takes the gameplay to a level you haven’t experienced before, which makes this slot incredibly gripping.

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