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When powering many appliances from a sine wave inverter, the HV DC is converted to AC only to be rectified back to DC in the appliance.

This inverter eliminates the SPWM stage and outputs DC only. This DC can be used to power appliances, or as a HV DC source for your SPWM, variable frequency drive (.. for your inverter fridge) or other project.

Ebay, AliExpress and other like stores have cheap 12VDC to 220-380VDC Converters (pictured above), ready for purchase under board names like QS-100 and GZF-02-Y.

These basic converter boards consist of a SG3525, four IRF3205 MOSFETs and a Transformer. They include no overload protection, output regulation/feedback or DC rectification. Nor do they include low voltage cutouts.

This project intends to build upon these boards and build in these other features and protection.

The converter uses a prewound 500W Transformer available from AliExpress.

This project requires a vertically mounted driver card – 12VDC to 220-380VDC Converter Driver Board (Closed Loop) or 12VDC to 220-380VDC Converter Driver Board – Open Loop.

by Craig Peacock @ circuitmaker.com

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